Digitisation of family material, preservation advice and archival enclosures

Are you responsible for a special collection of bound or flat paper items and looking for some advice about their long-term storage, handling and preservation?

Do you have a private collection of valuable books or maps and need to know how best to protect them for the future?

Do you have a certificate, map or plan that you would like repaired and copied. You can then display or hang the surrogate copy and we can provide a custom made archival enclosure to protect and preserve the original item?

Do you have a uniquely shaped or unusual item for which you need a protective enclosure so that you can store it or carry it?

Spiral Path Book Studio Ltd can provide condition assessment reports for book and archive collections in institutions or private care, as well as provide advice and training on the handling and storing of archive materials (books, flat paper materials and photographs).

Digitising service

We also offer a digitising service for items using a digital SLR camera to provide images in Tiff, Jpeg and RAW file formats. These files can then be electronically shared or printed off and displayed.

Custom archival storage boxes

Archival storage boxWe custom make display cradles, archival storage boxes and enclosures using high quality, acid free archival materials to protect books, documents and other items from the damaging effects of high (and fluctuating) levels of humidity and temperature, light, dust and insects. A custom made archival box is a cost effective way of improving the preservation and longevity of a bound or flat paper item.